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Father Absence, Father Deficit, Father Hunger: The Vital Importance of Paternal Presence in Children’s Lives

According to the 2007 UNICEF report on the well-being of children in economically advanced nations, children in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. rank extremely low in regard to social and emotional well-being in particular. Many theories have been advanced to explain the poor state of our nations’ children: child poverty, race and social class. A factor […]

Diagnostic Indicator 1: Attachment Suppression

Diagnostic Indicator 1: Attachment Suppression by Dr Craig Childress Diagnostic Indicator 1 – Attachment System Suppression:   The child’s symptoms evidence a suppression of attachment bonding motivations toward a normal-range and affectionally available parent. The psychological control and manipulation of the child by a narcissistic/(borderline) parent leaves telltale indicators in the child’s symptom display.  Three highly unusual symptoms are […]

Misconceptions Around Parental Alienation: How Professionals Can Get it Wrong

Divorce is hard. It is emotionally and physically draining for all people involved, including children. When a divorce becomes high conflict, children are caught in the crossfire and are treated as “prizes” to be won. Parents start pressuring their children knowingly and/or unknowingly to choose sides. These behaviors can escalate to “alienation”. Alienation is defined […]

Missing The Alienation – by Linda Kase-Gottlieb, LMFT, LCSW

April 22, 2014 By Linda Kase-Gottlieb, LMFT, LCSW-r Why do mental health professionals and attorneys who evaluate or work with alienated children frequently mistake alienation for estrangement? The main reason is that cases of parental alienation are counterintuitive.  That is, the brain is hardwired to misinterpret and misunderstand the family dynamics in these situations.  That […]

Big (old) news from the NPO – way to go!

May 6, 2015 By Dan Deuel, Executive Committee Member, National Parents Organization of Utah In March, National Parents Organization of Utah, successfully spearheaded passage of the state’s first shared parenting legislation! HB35 wasn’t the only success NPO Utah had, but it was the most significant. Headed by Dave Daniels and Janet Robins, NPO Utah is […]

Michelle Jones – National Parents Organization Executive Committee member

This is a presentation that Michelle did for the NPO:  Parental Alienation: Understanding It — Strategies To Fight It. April 10, 2014 By Michelle Jones, LCSW, Member, Executive Committee, National Parents Organization of Utah View Michelle’s complete presentation given at a Utah Membership meeting: Parental Alienation: Understanding It — Strategies to Fight It. We have wasted […]

AB-PA Certified Professionals – Dr. Craig Childress

AB-PA Certified Professionals We are going to establish a standard of practice in the assessment of attachment-related pathology surrounding divorce. We are then going to move toward professional expertise.  Mental health professionals who know what they’re doing – within standard and established constructs and principles. Assessment leads to diagnosis, and diagnosis guides treatment. It begins […]

Hope for the Holidays by Alyssa Baker

Do you have hope during the holidays? A young couple is snuggled up by the fireplace as they watch their children open presents, smile, and laugh. There is snow falling, sweaters, Christmas pajamas, hot chocolate, candy canes, cookies, hugs, kisses, and even tears from such loving gifts and sentiments. This is the image that we […]