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Michelle Jones – National Parents Organization Executive Committee member

This is a presentation that Michelle did for the NPO:  Parental Alienation: Understanding It — Strategies To Fight It. April 10, 2014 By Michelle Jones, LCSW, Member, Executive Committee, National Parents Organization of Utah View Michelle’s complete presentation given at a Utah Membership meeting: Parental Alienation: Understanding It — Strategies to Fight It. We have wasted […]

AB-PA Certified Professionals – Dr. Craig Childress

AB-PA Certified Professionals We are going to establish a standard of practice in the assessment of attachment-related pathology surrounding divorce. We are then going to move toward professional expertise.  Mental health professionals who know what they’re doing – within standard and established constructs and principles. Assessment leads to diagnosis, and diagnosis guides treatment. It begins […]

Coming Out – Part 2 Parental Self-Care

“When he told me he only had crushes on boys and that’s why he never dated, I started crying.”  “My son told me not to tell his father that he really feels like a girl. Did I let him play with girls too much?”  “I asked my daughter why her best friend identifies as lesbian, and she told me she […]

Hope for the Holidays by Alyssa Baker

Do you have hope during the holidays? A young couple is snuggled up by the fireplace as they watch their children open presents, smile, and laugh. There is snow falling, sweaters, Christmas pajamas, hot chocolate, candy canes, cookies, hugs, kisses, and even tears from such loving gifts and sentiments. This is the image that we […]